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WhirlwindVR Player
Introducing Vortx

Vortx is the world's first non-contact haptic system that can simulate the virtual environment. Vortx is designed for consumer virtual reality having a small form without sacrificing power.

Designed for Unparalleled Immersion
Vortx draws you into the experience by tricking your mind through inference, for example, simulating contact such as being checked in a hockey game or being punched in a boxing game.
Tech Specs
  • 14 inch height, 6 inch wide, 8 inch deep
  • Ultra low latency (100 ms) for all air effects
  • Up to 100 CFM air flow
  • Temperature control for up to 99°F outlet
  • 5 lb in weight
  • USB and Power cord (Bluetooth Upgradable; Power Required)
Build a World You Can Feel

The combination of these effects can simulate complex experiences that developers can leverage to enhance the immersion of their content. This is just the beginning of a generation of products that will unlock the next human sense in entertainment.