Frequently Asked Questions

When do you plan to launch a consumer version?

We are accepting preorders now. Vortx will be begin shipping to consumers late September to early October.

How much power does the unit use and what kind of power requirements?

Vortx consumes up to 150 watts of power during normal usage (400 watts during maximum intensity usage). Vortx requires 120 VAC.

How far does the device have to be and where do I place the device?

The Vortx’s ideal position is up to 6 feet from the user, and it is designed for any seated experience.

How do you integrate into all games and experiences?

The WhirlwindFX engine uses object recognition and analysis to trigger automatically, so you can use Vortx with any of your favorite games.

How does the user interact with the device? How is the device setup and integrated with my computer?

Install the WhirlwindFX engine. Plugin the Vortx device via USB and standard 120VAC power. Play your favorite games

What is the durability of the device?

Servicing is not required.

What kind of safety features does this device have?

Standard safety features based on the personal space heating and cooling industry are built into the device. We use flame retardant, durable plastics that are designed to withstand the temperatures. We use self limiting PTC ceramic heaters with specified thermal fuses and bimetallic strips. We guarantee the safety of our products.