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Developer tools are free to download for simple integration. Create the most immersive experiences for your content (game or video) by adding environmental effects such as wind, fire, and explosions, to amaze your consumers. 

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Simple Integration, Maximal Payoff
Vortx adds an extra layer of immersion to your interactive VR games and experiences within a few hours of integration.
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Plugin package:

- Vortx utility software to test and control device in real time
- Sample project to guide you through developing with Vortx
- Support documentation and best practices guide

Video Scripting Tool

WhirlwindVR's video scripting tool allows you to create environmental effects for your videos. Simply click a point on the timeline slider, and add the desired effects, including fan speed, temperature level, burst event, and even camera angle for 360 videos. The editor generates a scripted file which is compatible for playback in the WhirlwindVR Player.
360 Video Content
Syncing and directing the Vortx with 360 videos has never been easier. Use WhirlwindVR's video player or integrate Kolor Eyes (now GoPro VR Player) for precise control and timing of Vortx to mirror the cinematic experience.

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