About Us

Founded in 2015, WhirlwindVR's mission is to develop fully-immersive experiences that go beyond the boundaries of sight and sound. The thrill of the sensation will unlock a new way of playing games, watching videos and having experiences. Feeling is believing.

Tim Sun - CEO

Tim Sun dreams of the most immersive experiences possible. He holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from Stanford University and has a passion for engineering and mentorship. Tim enjoys hiking, soccer and eating ramen.

Paul Chen - CTO

Paul leads the software development efforts and content partnerships for WhirlwindVR.  He brings deep technical expertise and entrepreneurial experience. Paul holds an MBA from MIT Sloan, and BS in Computer Science from Brown University.

Uche Omegara - Hardware

Uche drives mechanical and electronic hardware development at WhirlwindVR. Uche thrives on design, prototyping, building, and making products work. Uche holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University and enjoys outdoor recreational activities and traveling.